My Philosophy

As human beings, we are meant to be resilient and adaptable to our environments and the stressors of everyday life. This is why I believe in a balanced and comprehensive approach to fitness, one that leaves no stone unturned and has been developed over years of trial-and-error and first-hand experience. I combine weight-training, mobility, conditioning and nutrition to optimize the mind, body and spirit while remaining pain-free.

Weight Training

Being pain-free doesn't come from a bottle, pill or unnecessary surgeries. It comes from a body that has been built to withstand the hardships thrust upon it. This is why weight-training is the base from which your fitness will be built upon. Weight training makes you move, feel and look better. With the constant progression and ever-changing movements and complexities, weight-training will transform you into your strongest, best looking self.


Mobility training is joint strength training. It's a targeted and multi-faceted approach that develops resilient and free-moving joints that help resist pain and injury and other joint compromising diseases such as arthritis. Mobility training is the key to counteracting the lifestyle of western civilization and is the missing link in most peoples training.


Cardio are far more complex and has far greater potential to enhance performance than one might think. I'll coach you to better understanding the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic cardio training - the two greatest predictor to longevity, i.e., remaining free from disease and illness. You'll also recover faster and sleep better than ever before.


Western mainstream thought and lifestyle habits that have been developed over the years has created a society stricken with obesity, heart disease and cancer. It's time to educate yourself on your body's nutritional requirements and create a balanced, nourishing, and satisfying diet to improve performance and heal the mind and body.

“I don’t complain of the lack of time. . . what little I have will go far enough. Today – this day – will achieve what no tomorrow will fail to speak about. I will lay siege to the gods and shake up the world.

Seneca, Medea, 423-425

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